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easily distracted

and easily amused

12 January 1980
i dunno, i'm just a really tall geeky girl, and i like geeky things. and coffee. most of my stuff is friends only, but please don't hesitate to add me, i love big friends lists. makes me feel important. hehehe.

i'm an artist, a musician, obssessed with the ninja turtles, a volvo owner and a follower of christ. i am a graphic designer for a local screen printing company, in addition to freelancing just about anything else graphic arts related. i love coffee, and the whole coffee house atmosphere. maybe someday i will own my own coffee house, and it will be awesome. i'm active in the bands at pima community college, as well as at my church. i play trombone in the jazz band, flute in the concert band, bass guitar in the worship band. oh, and i'm trying to learn the sax. i'm just a big band geek. i love to paint and mosaic ordinary things and make them into really neat things. i design jazz plungers, lamps, picture frames, mirrors, etc. i'm just an all around artist.

and i love donatello. <3

"Wise man say...
Forgivness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza."

--Michelangelo, the Ninja Turtle